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Hey Ladies,

We’ve set up this website “The Perfect Eyebrows” for the women who are looking to enhance their already beautiful Achieving perfect eyebrows haven't been easierface by having the correct eyebrow shapes.  Having the perfect eyebrows set the frame for the eyes, face and your over all look.  Unfortunately, most women don’t know how to maximize the beauty of their eyebrows.  With the right tools we suggest here and a little skill you can add definition and character to your face by reshaping them into the perfect eyebrows for your face.Perfect Eyebrows

You’ll also find eyebrow shaping  tips, eyebrows tattoo information and  beauty tips that you won’t find on other eyebrow and beauty sites. Discover the best places online for purchasing an eyebrow trimmer, eyebrow makeup, eyebrow tint kits and the best eyebrow pencil designed to help you get perfect eyebrows.

If you are still unsure about what method to use to get the perfect arch eyebrows, here’s a place that we found that has rave reviews from customers using there brow kit.

 Fast Steps to Shape and Define Your Perfect Brows

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There has never been an easier less painful way on how to create perfect eyebrows.  Beauty expert Bare Minerals introduces a complete approach to shaping and maintaining perfect eyebrows than any place we have seen thus far.

Eyebrow shapes bring balance and harmony to your unique bone structure, so choosing the right width, shape and color is the key to gaining perfect thick eyebrows.

Here are some quick tips and tricks on how to get perfect eyebrows

Eyebrow Shapes:

Like a good story, eyebrows have a beginning, middle and end.  Each part is as important as the next.  The start of the brow should follow the line of the outer bridge of your nose. Just hold your tweezers up to it as a guide to see how close you are to that point…that’s the beginning of your perfect brows.  The arch, or middle, of your brow really isn’t in the middle at all…this is where most women loose it.  The arch should follow the diagonal line past the outer edge of the iris (when looking straight ahead): note that this places it near the outer section of the brow. The end of the brow should ideally be diagonal from the end of your eye and / or lashes.  How to shape your eyebrows is just that simple…giving you perfect eyebrows for your face!

Eyebrow Color:

This is a simple point that most woman get wrong.  Nothing throws off your WHOLE look than to have bleached blonde hair and black eyebrow hairs….not the perfect brows.   If you have naturally dark hair and decide to dye it lighter, it is also a great idea to get your eyebrows lighter as well.  The same goes for darkening your hair, eyebrow tint or eyebrow dye will help with darkening those light brows.

Maintaining Your Perfect Shaped Eyebrows

Once you’ve achieved your perfect shape eyebrows, it’s ideal to maintain them. Pluck, thread or wax when necessary, and fill them in with eyebrow powder when you’re doing a make up look.  It is that little something that pulls your whole look together helping you to achieve the most amazing perfect thick eyebrows.

Hope this site point you in the right direction in helping you to find the right eyebrow tools, eyebrow makeup, beauty tips and ultimately getting your perfectly shape eyebrows.

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