Eyebrow Hair Loss

Eyebrow hair loss and no eyebrows are really an actual issue amongst women and men. Eyebrow hair loss optionsIt is brought on by the things we did to our eyebrows when we were younger. Plucking and waxing the eyebrows on consistent bases can cause permanent damage, ultimately stopping the hair from growing back again. The ending results are thinning eyebrows or no eyebrows at all.

What Causes Loss Of Eyebrow Hair?

This is often observed in older women, who’ve been plucking or even waxing their own brows almost all their life. Continuously plucking your eyebrows will damage your hair follicles. After a certain period of time the eyebrows simply don’t return.

The eyebrow hair loss in women could be reduced through occasional plucking. Leave most of them natural and pluck just the stray hairs to define your original eyebrow shape. In some instances it is already too late and you’re already experiencing the loss of eyebrow hair from many years of plucking and or waxing.

Occasionally eyebrow hair loss causes is a result of a particular medical hair loss problem. There are several issues that trigger hair thinning within the body. If this is the reason for your hair loss it may be a short-term condition. Nevertheless, the very fact continues to be you need to have eyebrows at this time. So the only solution would be to drawn them in using an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder.

Eyebrow Hair Loss Treatment Options

The eyebrows could be penciled in if you know how to do it correctly. The natural color should be used and do not draw a harsh line. The overdoing of the pencil will make your eyebrows look crayoned in and fake.

This is one of the mistakes women make when using an eyebrow pencil. We strongly recommend you use an eyebrow powder which will give you a more natural looking brow. If you think about the reason why you were plucking or even waxing your eyebrows in the first place, does it make sense to draw them on thicker? They must be gently penciled in to match any remaining eyebrow hair.

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Follow your original eyebrow shape when using any eyebrow product is important to getting perfect shape eyebrows. A too high arch will make you look like your in excitement mode and to low of an arch will make you look like your in a bad mood all day.

A More Natural Looking Solution

There are more natural looking solutions to your loss of eyebrow hair. Transplants tend to be one of the solutions for women and men. Within the last year eyebrow transplants have become very popular. This really is a costly process. The actual transplant can begin from $3500 as well as continue as much as $10, 000 or more.

An additional solution is definitely an eyebrow replacement. They are eyebrows made from real hair which are positioned on the actual brow line by an adhesive. They are natural looking and are an option for those who can’t afford an actual eyebrow transplant or prefer not to draw them in every day or don’t want the pain for having them tattooed in.

Regardless, of why you’re experiencing hair loss, you have plenty of options to choose from. The main one you select would be the greatest 1 for you personally. In the event that you choose eyebrow replacement, you will find a wide variety of colors to match your existing eyebrow color. If transplant tend to be your choice, simply be aware of the cost associated with this process as well as the procedure in it self. If you decide to use an eyebrow pen or eyebrow powder, make sure you apply it to look natural.

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  1. Brooke says:

    I’m suffering from sparse eyebrows so I will try some of these remedies you mention.

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