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So you’re thinking about getting permanent tattoo eyebrows?

My friend, you need to be educated first about what cosmetic eyebrow tattooing really is.   Cosmetic tattoo eyebrows is a cosmetic procedure technically called “Intradermal Micro-eyebrows tattooPigmentation which uses pigments, dyes and or inks to permanently mark the body in a similar fashion that regular tattoo artist do.  Using permanent makeup machines aka tattoo guns with a needle attach to the end, the eyebrows tattoo artist will implant the ink underneath the skin by moving the vibrating needle across the brow.

This procedure must be done by a qualified and reputable eyebrows tattoo technician and some times under local or topical anesthetic. Because it is a tattoo on your face in the most sensitive area, it can be very painful and requires an anesthetic to be applied.  Keep in mind if it is implanted in the top layer of the skin it is considered to be semi-permanent meaning it may fade away over time and be less painful. If it goes into the second layer of the skin it is permanent and more lasting also the pain will increase as any other type of tattoo.


Things to consider when getting tattoo eyebrows

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Getting your brows tattoo can be a process. It will take weeks for your eyebrows to heal and for you to get them exactly as you want them. Some times it is necessary for you to get touch-ups until you’ve achieve your desire results.   They may fade or be to thin and need to be fixed over time.

So do not plan on having your eyebrows tattoo-ed a week or so before a big event like a wedding. Your eyebrows will be swollen and red for at least a week and then they will peal for another week or so.

Eyebrows Tattoo Aftercare:

Once the cosmetic eyebrow tattooing procedure is complete the technician will apply a soothing cream or gel to the tattoo area.  The gel will heal sooth and moisten the tattoo area giving you some immediate comfort and healing aide.  The soothing cream or ointment will also be used as a color protection shield minimizing the cracking and scabbing which can cause the color to come off with it.  You don’t want your new permanent eyebrows to fade away.

Home-care For Your Tattoo Eyebrows:

In a few days your permanent tattoo eyebrows will begin to itch and scab.  Don’t panic that is perfectly normal and will go away in time.  Just remember DO NOT scratch, rub or pick them for this may cause an infection or alter the shape of your perfect eyebrows.

If the swelling hasn’t gone down in a couple of days please contact the tattoo technician to make sure everything is okay…this may be a sign of an infection.

It is also normal for the tattoo eyebrows to look a little darker for a few weeks or so. As time goes on they will begin to fade to a permanent shade.

Choosing a qualified person to do your tattoo on eyebrows is a must

It is extremely important for you to select your eyebrows tattoo technician with care because the affects of permanent cosmetic makeup are exactly that…PERMANENT!!

When choosing an “eyebrows tattoo” technician make sure they have gone through the permanent makeup training because anyone can purchase a permanent makeup machine and consider their self a tattoo artist.

Not all tattoo artists are created equal as well as not all permanent makeup training is created equal. So make sure your technician is an expert in feathering and fine hair mimicking technique.  The technique will give your tattoo brows a realistic appearance like actual hairs.

The next thing you need to know when selecting a technician to do your tattoo is to see their tattoo eyebrows before and after pictures.  Every reputable technician will have photos of their work and or testimonies.   So don’t be afraid to ask them for their portfolio.

Tattooing your eyebrows should be an option only if you are certain you can live with the outcome.  Be sure to discuss the shape, thickness, length, placement and price ahead of time.  Tattoo eyebrows cost can range from $400 to $1000 depending on the expertise / experience of the technician.

We at Perfect Eyebrows encourage you to research all your options before making a final decision on getting your eyebrows tattoo.  Gain more knowledge about eyebrow tattooing and eyebrow shaping with our recommended eyebrow guides.

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