How to pluck eyebrows

Simple techniques on how to pluck your eyebrows

Learn how to pluck eyebrows the right way

Here are some simple techniques on how to pluck your eyebrows perfectly and obtain the beautiful shape you’re trying to achieve. While using tweezers will be more time-consuming as compared to say waxing, however you do have a lot more control on the hairs you pluck.  It’s also a really affordable option that will last weeks at a time.

How to pluck your eyebrows for the first time

Buy an excellent pair of tweezers. Tweezerman Stainless Steel Slant Tweezer are the best we found on the market. The tips are hand-filed and perfectly aligned to grab the hair every time. Determine the shape of your eye-brows according to your facial structure and desired eyebrow shape.

How to pluck your own eyebrows – Pull or perhaps pin-back your hair so you can get a clear vision of your eyebrows.

Using an eyebrow brush or a fine tooth comb brush your eyebrows upward and if you have any hair longer than your normal shape at the top, then you need to trim them first. Using eyebrow scissors gentle cut the longer strands of hair from the top of your brows than repeat the process downward. Trimming the hair before tweezing will reveal the brow shape and remove the weight and bulk so that you can create an ideal shape.

In some cases this is all that you’ll need to do to get the desire shape eyebrows.

Wash your face with warm water to remove excessive hair from the trim.  Plus warm water will help clean the skin and relax the hair follicles for easy plucking.

Find the hairs you’re eliminating by applying white eyeliner pencil on the hairs you’re going to pluck. You can play around with your desire shape by using the eyeliner as a guide how to pluck eyebrows diagrambefore actually tweezing your eyebrows.  Begin by holding the pencil parallel to the side of the bridge of your nose. The inner edge of your brows should start here. To determine the highest point of your arch, place the pencil parallel to the outside corner of your iris. Angling the pencil diagonally from your nostril to the outside corner of your eye will tell you where your brow should end.

How to pluck perfect eyebrows

Begin plucking the spots you just mapped out with the brow pencil.  Remove no more than two rows of hair to maintain a natural effect. You may also need to remove just a few hairs from the top of the outer edges to create a subtle downward slope. If you have thick brows and want a more dramatic arch, remove an additional row from under the peak of the brow to create a more pronounced arch and to keep it from appearing straight and flat. Once the shape is in go back and remove any fine, light hairs.

If skin is red and or irritated apply a small amount of aloe base lotion or gel with a cotton swab. This will give you some relief. The redness usually last for a couple of hours so we recommend you don’t pluck your eyebrows before going to a special event.How to pluck eyebrows

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